Ryback Has Been Acting Very Weird Lately

Ryback Feeling Down

Ryback has been displaying very odd behavior lately, judging by the many tweets he has made over the weekend. He’s been tweeting constantly out of frustration, with most of the tweets aimed towards pro wrestling journalists. He questions the reports […]

Dixie Carter Addresses TNA Wrestling Fans

Dixie Carter TNA Message

TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter has responded to wrestling fans in a long blog post about her job and what she has to do. This is in direct response to the many outrageous “questions” people left for her on Twitter. […]

Did CM Punk Risk His Future Due To His Pope Benedict XVI Comments?

Photo Courtesy of www.wewantinsanity.com

  CM Punk received his nickname as “The Best In The World”, by proving that he is the best on the stage, in the ring, in the commentary booth and especially with the microphone. Ever since June 27th 2011 in the closing […]

Chris Jericho Teasing Seth Rollins On Purpose Via Twitter?

Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins

This past weekend, Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins (from The Shield) had an interesting twitter conversation. It appeared as if Jericho was purposefully teasing Rollins via the social networking site. Does this mean Jericho is returning to the WWE soon? […]

Did John Cena Hold Back Tyler Reks?

Tyler Reks Former WWE Wrestler

Recently released WWE Superstar Tyler Reks recently commented on twitter about his former workmates. Most of the comments were positive, although he did mention an interesting incident that involved John Cena during his tenure in the company. Reks used to […]

Kharma’s WWE.com Status Update. No Longer “Alumni”


From Wrestling Observer: The situation with Kia Stevens (Kharma) and WWE seems like it was a mistake that someone made on the website. She has been removed from the Alumni section and put back onto the active section. There is […]