Titus O’Neil Could Become WWE Mega Superstar

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WWE has always striven to build up their roster with quality characters and performers, making sure that when someone is very good in the ring and questionable elsewhere they still have a place in the company. This structure has enabled the […]

WWE: Intercontinental and US Titles in a State of Irrelevancy

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Mid-card title belts are a funny thing. Sometimes they mean a lot, sometimes they don’t mean much it all. Everything depends on how the champion is portrayed and how often the titles are defended. The WWE has a sketchy history when […]

Oh The Humanity: United States Championship Match At WWE SummerSlam Bumped To Preshow

SummerSlam 2013

Hello there fellow Ranters, and welcome to the first ever edition of Oh The Humanity, right here on RantSports.com! For those of you new to the series, it’s quite simple and here’s how it works. Each week, I take a […]

How Many WWE Titles Will Be Defended at Extreme Rules?

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It’s exactly one week until WWE Extreme Rules, and there are only two confirmed title matches. The WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship will both be defended at the upcoming Pay-Per-View, but what other titles will be up for grabs? […]

Steps WWE Should Take to Utilize All Its Talent

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It’s no shocker to any wrestling fan when I say the WWE has a hard time finding a place for everyone on the roster. When you see talent like Antonio Cesaro and Justin Gabriel jobbing for mid-carders, that should tell you all you need to know […]

Does WWE Care About Its Secondary Titles Anymore?

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The United States and Intercontinental titles were prestigious back in the old days. They were a stepping stone for mid-card level wrestlers to push themselves into the main event scene. For the past few years though, both titles seem like […]

Is the 2013 Royal Rumble Doomed For Fan Failure?

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  As the wrestling world knows, tonight is the 2013 Royal Rumble, the official kick off to the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania. However, when looking at the scheduled pay per view card, the WWE is setting an example of what […]