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WWE NXT Superstars The Ascension Will Rise After Battleground

Viktor Twitter

Last night’s episode of NXT revealed a promo for The Ascension, showcasing their dominance in WWE‘s developmental system; but more importantly, it showed that there’s nothing left for them where they are. Every tag team that’s been thrown at them, Konnor and Viktor have utterly annihilated […]

Ric Flair Returning To Monday Night Raw

Ric Flair and John Cena

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair is back and he’s coming to Monday Night Raw next week. The 16-time world champion is booked for both Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, as well as WWE‘s live event at Madison Square Garden in New York […]

Bret Hart Returns To Montreal Tonight On Monday Night Raw

Bret Hart

According to WWE‘s official website, Bret Hart will make his return to Monday Night Raw tonight when the show emanates from Centre Bell in Montreal. This will be Hart’s first televised appearance at the arena since “losing” the WWE Championship […]

Are WWE Budget Cuts To Blame For Santino Marella’s Early Retirement?

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Last night at a live event, the WWE superstar Santino Marella announced his retirement. It was very sudden to the WWE Universe and a slightly odd choice of venue, considering it was just a house show and not one of WWE’s staple shows, Raw and Smackdown. After […]

WWE Raw (6/30) Reactions: AJ Lee Is Back

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For months now, the WWE Universe has speculated heavily on the return or potential retirement of AJ Lee, but the one thing that held strong through all of it was not knowing anything for certain. She went on a leave of sorts shortly […]

WWE Is Slowly Turning Bray Wyatt Babyface

Bray Wyatt

The Wyatt Family is drifting apart. The change has been subtle, but if you’ve been paying close attention (and I know you have!), then it hardly needs mentioning. Rest assured, it won’t be long before the faction is no more. […]

KENTA And Prince Devitt Will Deal With Size Issues In WWE


The WWE expects to sign several new wrestlers in the coming weeks, and the forthcoming batch of talent has a decidedly Japanese flavor. The Land of the Rising Sun is jam-packed with great wrestlers, and the WWE has successfully acquired two […]

Controversy Runs Wild Over WWE SummerSlam Leaked Cover


There was a leak out of Amazon.com this week showing a DVD cover for the upcoming SummerSlam PPV, which featured close-ups of John Cena and Brock Lesnar. Naturally, something as significant as this kind of leak has spread like angry fan-boy […]

WWE Money In The Bank: Will The Shield Reunite?

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I have wondered since the break happened why the WWE split the Shield when they did, considering the group was at the height of their power. I know Vince McMahon (and even Triple H to a degree) like to turn people and split groups […]

WWE Raw Reaction (6/23): Vickie Guerrero Retires

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Vickie Guerrero is the wife of the late Eddie Guerrero, and has been in and around the business for decades. It’s been rumored for years that Vince McMahon told Eddie that if anything ever happened to him, Vince would take care of Vickie, […]