WWE Smackdown: Spoilers for July 12, 2013


This Friday marks the last episode of WWE Smackdown before the much-anticipated Money in the Bank. As the tension rises and rivalries escalate to their highest point, we see the PPV competitors take the stage. How will the WWE showcase these […]

Wade Barrett is Without a Storyline After Losing the Intercontinental Title

Wade Barrett

Following his Payback loss to Curtis Axel, Wade Barrett has found himself without a path in the WWE. The next night on Raw he was the first match-up for the returning Christian that saw Barrett fall victim to the KillSwitch. […]

WWE Fandango: Possible Rivalry Upon Return From Injury


Fandango was taken out of action just days prior to what would have been his first-ever title match due to an unfortunate concussion. He is new to the WWE scene, but I see this as a chance to make a […]

WWE Cuts A WrestleMania 29 Match

The Miz And Wade Barrett On WrestleMania 29 Pre-Show

It seems as if WWE knew it had too many matches booked for WrestleMania 29. Sadly, the company announced that one of the matches have now been booked for the WrestleMania pre-show. The unfortunate match that has been relegated from […]

Does WWE Care About Its Secondary Titles Anymore?

White WWE Intercontinental title belt

The United States and Intercontinental titles were prestigious back in the old days. They were a stepping stone for mid-card level wrestlers to push themselves into the main event scene. For the past few years though, both titles seem like […]

The Blown IC Title Gives Opportunity To Wade Barrett

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The WWE has dropped a compelling storyline before – this is nothing new, but I’m genuinely disappointed with the sudden plug-pull on the Intercontinental Cup to determine the new #1 contender. Over the last few years there has been an […]

WWE Rumors: Papa Shango To Appear At Royal Rumble 2013?

Papa Shango Royal Rumble

Wade Barrett tweeted something interesting the other day suggesting that a popular former WWE star will be making an appearance at the Royal Rumble match this Sunday. Here’s what he tweeted: “Just bumped into Papa Shango at Hooters. Told me […]

What Happened To Kofi Kingston?

kofi kingston ko

If we reverse time back to late 2009, Kofi Kingston was on top of the world. He was in the middle of an exciting main event caliber feud with Randy Orton and things seemed to be looking up for the […]

Wade Barrett Captures The WWE Intercontinental Championship

Photo Courtesy of fr.wwe.sevenload.com

  This past weekend, at a WWE Raw House Show In Washington D.C., Wade Barrett faced off against Kofi Kingston for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Just like how we have seen so seldom in the past, history was repeated this […]

WWE Spoils Title Match Results For New Years Eve Raw

wade barrett raw tour

It’s common knowledge that internet websites usually spoil wrestling results when they have been pre-taped. The WWE itself spoiled a title change that is to occur at the New Year’s Eve edition of Monday Night Raw. Some if not most […]

Professional Wrestling’s Overall Turnaround in 2012

Photo Courtesy Of Operationsports.com

As 2012 comes to a close, so does another calendar year of the unpredictable world of professional wrestling. This year, we were treated to an incredulous amount of situations and scenarios that really kept us scratching our heads and continued […]

Nexus: Then And Now

Nexus: Then And Now