It’s Time for Just One Title: Save Daniel Bryan’s Shoulder

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

When Chris Jericho first won the Undisputed Championship at Vengeance it was cool that they decided to have him carry around both the WWF and WCW Championships. Back then the WWF title was such a nice looking belt that it would […]

WWE: New TV Deal May Have Serious Implications for TNA

USA Network

The USA Network has until tomorrow to offer the WWE a new television contract. If Valentine’s Day passes and no deal has been made, USA Network will forfeit their right to exclusively negotiate with WWE. In other words, WWE will be […]

A.J. Styles Joining WWE Would Destroy TNA

Aj Styles

It’s clear that Total Nonstop Action is panicking by their recent roster cuts. They’ve reduced their total number of PPVs from 12 to four and are looking to cut any bit of salary possible moving forward in order to stay afloat. […]

TNA Wrestling Made Mistake Getting Rid Of PPV Events, Lost Money

TNA Still In Trouble

It’s been reported that TNA Wrestling lost more money by dropping eight PPV events from its schedule. Back in the ’90s, WCW innovated the wrestling business by offering PPV events every month. Wrestling was super popular back then, and many […]

Hulk Hogan Hints At Another Wrestling Run

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  “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in“. These famous words come from legendary film character Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino) in The Godfather part 3. These words have found its place in current […]

WWE: WrestleMania 17 Becomes The Measuring Stick of a Perfect PPV

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Unbeknownst to the world, April 1st 2001 would be more than just April fool’s day, but this would be the day when pay per view would broadcast a perfectly well done event. The event would go down in history being […]

Former WWE Champion Sycho Sid Is Home From The Hospital

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Some eyebrow-raising news are coming out of the wrestling world this week regarding a legend of the ring. Former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Sidney Eudy (other wise known as “Sid”, “Sid Vicious” or “Sycho” Sid) was released from […]

A Decade Without Perfection, The Legacy Of Mr. Perfect

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  Whether if its throwing a 50 yard touchdown pass, making a half court basketball shot or even a hole in one while playing a round in golf, whatever sport it was you can bet that if you were playing […]

Goldberg Returning To The Ring Should Not Be Ruled Out

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    In the interest of playing a little bit of word association (or number association, depending on how you look at this), when you think of 173-0, the first and only answer that wrestling fans will say is “Goldberg“. […]

Wrestlemania 30 Location Breaks A Long Term Tradition

WM 30

  At this time of the year, the hot buzz for the location of next year’s Wrestlemania begins to surface. As the smoke clears and clarity sits in, this is when traveling fans pre-planning for next year’s Mania trip begins. This month, […]

Mick Foley Can Finally Call The WWE Hall Of Fame Home

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It was October 17th 1983, live from Madison Square Garden, the World Wrestling Federation was in town having television tapings of a live show. One of the matches this particular night would be the famous Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs. The […]

A Blazing Surprise Coming To The Raw 20th Anniversary

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  Just when you think that you have all of the answers, Vince McMahon changes the questions. Former WWF and WCW Womens champion (and legend) “Medusa” (also known as Alyndra Blaze in her WWF days) will be making a return […]