WWE: John Cena Doesn’t Want To Be Champion — He Has To Be

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I don’t know about any of you, but John Cena coming out with the belts around his neck like he did on Raw makes me think that he doesn’t even want to be champion right now, or potentially ever again. So many people hate […]

WWE Should Suspend Daniel Bryan If His Fans Continue To Cause Controversy

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There was a time in the WWE where the fans were okay with just being fans. The fans today oddly seem to want control. This has put the WWE in tough situations over the past year. There is nothing wrong […]

Who Would Win One-on-One: Dolph Ziggler or Mr. Perfect?

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It is no secret that the WWE Universe is quick on the draw in comparing the current World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler to a legendary wrestler from the past. There are other past superstars that he can be compared to, but […]

Bully Ray Deserved The TNA World Heavyweight Title

Bully Ray TNA Champion

Bully Ray (Mark LoMonaco) has been wrestling for over 20 years now, but has never reached the top of the professional wrestling mountain. Although he’s a multiple time tag-team champion, he had never become a World Champion. That is, until […]

Goldberg Returning To The Ring Should Not Be Ruled Out

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    In the interest of playing a little bit of word association (or number association, depending on how you look at this), when you think of 173-0, the first and only answer that wrestling fans will say is “Goldberg“. […]

Did John Cena Bury The World Heavyweight Title?

John Cena Royal Rumble Winner

The Royal Rumble winner has a choice of who he wants to face at WrestleMania each year. He has to choose between the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. It’s usually a tough decision but John Cena appeared to have discarded […]

The Reason Why Alberto Del Rio Is World Champion

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As some of you may already know (it was blasted on WWE.com), Alberto Del Rio did the unthinkable and defeated The Big Show on Smackdown to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. This may has come as a surprise to […]

Alberto Del Rio Wins His First World Heavyweight Championship

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  Last night at the Smackdown Tapings live from Miami, Florida, not only was the buzz of The Rock making his return to his flagship show in the air, but the fans went home having witnessed history. Alberto Del Rio […]

WWE’s Main Event Gives The Miz and Kofi Kingston a Golden Opportunity


WWE Main Event returned Wednesday night and maintained as much of it’s old school charm as it had when it debuted on ION Television over a week ago.  However, things were simply a lot less interesting this time out.  A […]

WWE’s Main Event Kicks It Old School

The debut of WWE’s Main Event on ION possessed a remarkable old school charm.  Whether it was intentional or not, Main Event didn’t come close to replicating the big budget experience of both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown!.  […]

WWE Scores Big With “Main Event” Premiere on ION


According to an official press release issued by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and the ION Televesion Network, the debut of WWE’s latest prime-time weekly series, “Main Event,” was a huge success.  The one hour program, which was headlined by the […]

My Assesment of The New Era of 3 Hours of Monday Night Raw

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A few weeks ago, in the unforgiving 97 degree Chicago heat, I spent the afternoon at US Cellular field, watching the Chicago White Sox make an example out of the Cleveland Indians. I was with two of my long time […]