WWE: 5 Possible Debut Matches for Sting


WWE: 5 Possible Return Matches for The Rock


Will Bill Goldberg Return To The WWE?

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In a recent interview with WWE legend Jim Ross, Bill Goldberg stated that he let WWE officials know he is interested in returning in the near future if they can come to a mutual agreement. It is now a waiting game, […]

Daniel Bryan Could Be Forced To Wrestle Differently

Daniel Bryan Kicking

Daniel Bryan‘s neck injury was caused by wear and tear over the many years he has wrestled, and he may have to play it safe when he comes back. Bryan is the type of wrestler who gives it his all […]

WWE Fans Lie About Being Kicked From Monday Night Raw To Draw Heat On Company


The heat between the WWE and their fans continues to burn hot after this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. As we all know, CM Punk has left the company after growing frustrated with the direction of WWE programming. After […]

Controversy Surrounding WWE And Daniel Bryan Just Another Social Media Trend

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WWE fans worldwide are upset with the direction of the company. At no point in the history of sports entertainment have fans been so vocal about their displeasure. Social media gives those fans a platform to manifest their anger, and […]

5 Necessary Changes Needed To Fix WWE Programming


Daniel Bryan’s Fanbase Is Ruining WWE Programming

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A couple of days ago, the news of CM Punk walking out on the WWE shook up the entire pro wrestling universe. The blame game has begun. Some say that it is the company’s fault due to terrible programming. Others say […]

CM Punk Leaving Millions Of Fans Disappointed By Walking Out On WWE

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Significant news is circulating online suggesting that WWE Superstar CM Punk has walked away from the company in frustration with his role and the company’s direction heading into Wrestlemania 30. Nothing has been confirmed, but all the signs point to this story […]

WWE: 5 Best Match Scenarios For Wrestlemania 30


Will TNA Wrestling Survive Much Longer?

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Financially, TNA Wrestling is at its lowest it has ever been. Can the company survive for much longer? One of the biggest problems TNA faces right now is attendance for live shows. Recent attendance figures have been very poor with less than […]

What Does Daniel Bryan’s Allegiance With The Wyatt Family Mean For His Beard?

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Last week, eternal smark-favorite/flying headbutter/apex purveyor of monosyllabic chants Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt Family. Where this story is going remains to be seen, as does its entertainment value, but anything Bryan is associated with is money, and a Bray […]