Daniel Bryan Will No Longer Be WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Daniel Bryan as Champion

Due to his neck injury, Daniel Bryan will be forced to relinquish the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Bryan’s rise to the top was an inspirational one, but it was short-lived thanks to his injury. It’s not a serious injury, but […]

WWE Should Suspend Daniel Bryan If His Fans Continue To Cause Controversy

Via WWE Official Facebook Page

There was a time in the WWE where the fans were okay with just being fans. The fans today oddly seem to want control. This has put the WWE in tough situations over the past year. There is nothing wrong […]

Why WWE Shouldn’t Have Only One Champion

John Cena World Champion

The WWE is thinking of having only one World Champion. There are many reasons why this might not work out well. In 2002, the WWE’s roster expanded since they acquired many wrestlers from WCW and ECW. Because of the large […]

Can Roman Reigns Become the WWE Champion?

Roman Reigns With The Shield

The Rock wished a happy birthday to his cousin Roman Reigns last week. He tweeted that Reigns will be a future WWE Champion one day. Reigns just started wrestling a few years ago after following a brief stint playing in […]

Why Fans Secretly Do Not Want A John Cena Heel Turn

Photo Courtesy of wrestling-match.com

There seems to be this common mystique and element that has enveloped the WWE Universe of hopefully one day seeing the #1 babyface of the company, who happens to be the WWE champion, officially turn heel. Since November 2003, we have consistently […]

What Do John Cena and Kim Kardashian Have In Common?

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  The WWE Champion John Cena has never met a challenge that he felt that he should back down from. In addition, Cena has never been too shy to lay all of the cards on the table and issue a challenge to any potential opponent. […]

John Cena Needs To Change His Gimmick

John Cena Getting Stale In 2013

John Cena has accomplished everything there is to do in the WWE. The man is now an 11-time WWE Champion. Cena needs to do something different or else the fans will stop watching forever. Cena debuted back in the company […]

WrestleMania 19: Steve Austin Ultimate Sacrifice

Photo Courtesy of prowrestling.wikia.com

  WrestleMania 19 would continue the venue stadium run by being held at SafeCo Field in Seattle, Washington. Booking WrestleMania 19 would result into a fan boys/girls dream as this was arguably the best card ever assembled. From the opening […]

Did CM Punk Risk His Future Due To His Pope Benedict XVI Comments?

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  CM Punk received his nickname as “The Best In The World”, by proving that he is the best on the stage, in the ring, in the commentary booth and especially with the microphone. Ever since June 27th 2011 in the closing […]

Did John Cena Bury The World Heavyweight Title?

John Cena Royal Rumble Winner

The Royal Rumble winner has a choice of who he wants to face at WrestleMania each year. He has to choose between the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. It’s usually a tough decision but John Cena appeared to have discarded […]

The Rock Proves He’s Still A Ratings Success

The Rock WWE Champion

Whether you love him or you hate him, The Rock still proves to be a major draw for the WWE. His WWE Title win at the Royal Rumble made lots of fans tune into Monday Night Raw this week. Bringing […]

CM Punk vs The Rock Was Disappointing

the rock vs cm punk royal rumble 2013

WWE and many fans were foaming in the mouth to see the epic counter between CM Punk and The Rock at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Title. It was an encounter that was hyped for six months. Sadly though, […]