How One Man Ruined His Chances At WrestleMania 10

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    When in a relay race, one simple rule that must always be respected is when the baton is passed to you, you are to never drop it. Dropping the baton is disastrous for the entire race. This example […]

The Changing of the Guard During WrestleMania 9 Was Not Pretty

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  The World Wrestling Federation decided to take a more unique and creative approach with their annual wrestling extravaganza. Toning down it from the 60,000 plus audience attendance, WrestleMania 9 would scale it back to having a show with 16,000 fans instead. However it was not in […]

WrestleMania 7 Exemplifies The Term “Stars & Stripes Forever”

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August of 1990, the United States of America declared war on the country of Iraq due to their invasion in Iran. President George HW Bush addressed the nation on Aug 8th 1990 about the crimes of then dictator Sudam Hussein. During this […]

Randy Savage’s Loss At WrestleMania 5 Was The Biggest Victory of his Career

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WrestleMania 5 would make history both on the front end and, most importantly, the back end of the pay per view. This would be the first and only time when WrestleMania would return to the venue where it was the […]

The 1996 Royal Rumble’s Dose Of Familiarity

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The tagline for the 1996 Royal Rumble was “You’ve been Warned”. The tagline is ever so appropriate since looking back on this Rumble, you may think to yourself, “wow, I wasn’t expecting that”. The ’96 Rumble may not be one […]