WWE Needs To Bring Back Blood

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For some reason, the WWE decided a couple of years ago to abandon blood as form of storytelling. That was dumb. Blood is what we remember about so many matches. When Ric Flair wrestled Randy “Macho Man” Savage at WrestleMania […]

Are We Close To Seeing A WWE vs TNA Event?

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  If you were a wrestling fan back in the 1990’s, you probably experienced a great deal of the “what if” conversation with other fans. “What if Andre The Giant faced off against The Big Show (who was known then as “The Giant”)? What […]

WWE: WrestleMania 17 Becomes The Measuring Stick of a Perfect PPV

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Unbeknownst to the world, April 1st 2001 would be more than just April fool’s day, but this would be the day when pay per view would broadcast a perfectly well done event. The event would go down in history being […]

WWE: That Awkward Moment at WrestleMania 15 When….

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March 28 1999 lands us smack-dab in the middle of the hottest time in pro wrestling, the WWF Attitude Era as WrestleMania 15 brought a full and complete “Attitude Era-like” Mania from start to finish. The era gave us more categories of violence […]

The Dawning of a New Era At WrestleMania 14

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On March 29th, 1998, if you tuned in to WrestleMania 14 with that nostalgic feeling inside you of having warm and fuzzy feelings of seeing your favorite wrestlers “train, say their prayers and take their vitamins”, then you were in […]

The Chicago Fire Continued To Burn At WrestleMania 13

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  It was an unseasonably warm day in the early evening of March 27th 1997 in Chicago, IL. Usually this time of the year, Chicago is prone to seeing winter extending later into the beginning weeks of what is traditionally […]

The Silverlining Joys That Existed In WrestleMania 11

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According to a majority of fans who have been following wrestling for years, the general consensus is pretty consistent that WrestleMania 11 may be the worst Mania ever seen. Wrestling fans have voiced their displeasure of the WWF trading in […]

How One Man Ruined His Chances At WrestleMania 10

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    When in a relay race, one simple rule that must always be respected is when the baton is passed to you, you are to never drop it. Dropping the baton is disastrous for the entire race. This example […]

The Changing of the Guard During WrestleMania 9 Was Not Pretty

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  The World Wrestling Federation decided to take a more unique and creative approach with their annual wrestling extravaganza. Toning down it from the 60,000 plus audience attendance, WrestleMania 9 would scale it back to having a show with 16,000 fans instead. However it was not in […]

The Young And Ripe Took Over The Wheel At WrestleMania 8

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After taking a year off, WrestleMania would return to taking place in a large stadium. Over 62,000 fans would pack the Indiana Hoosier Dome for the spring spectacular. However, WrestleMania 8 would not live up to the expectations that were set upon it […]

WrestleMania 7 Exemplifies The Term “Stars & Stripes Forever”

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August of 1990, the United States of America declared war on the country of Iraq due to their invasion in Iran. President George HW Bush addressed the nation on Aug 8th 1990 about the crimes of then dictator Sudam Hussein. During this […]

The Civil War Created By WrestleMania 6

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  In 1990, the new decade saw many changes. Technology was changing in music and movies and in the mediums in which we viewed and listened at home. But it was not only technology that made the turn to cast […]