Top 10 Underutilized WWE Superstars of 2014

Jeremy Piven Hosts WWE's "Monday Night Raw" At Mohegan Sun Arena

WWE Rumors: Zack Ryder And Others To Be Released Today?

WWE Twitter

In just a few hours, WWE is going to have their conference call to go over financials based around the WWE Network. It’s expected that immediately following the call, another series of mass releases will happen. The first time this year that we saw the […]

Zack Ryder Should Embrace Bunny Role On the Exotic Express

Zack Ryder Bunny

Wrestler Zack Ryder has taken to Twitter and continuously denied the fact that he is the bunny in Adam Rose’s Exotic Express. While he won’t own up to this right now, 32 percent of the WWE Universe believes Ryder is the man […]

Why Fandango’s Sudden Popularity In WWE May Be Harmful To Him

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By now, every wrestling fan on the planet has been humming and/or singing the ever so catchy ballroom instrumental that made it to the UK’s top iTunes singles sales of the week. WWE newcomer Fandango became an instant hit after this […]

The Rise And Fall Of Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder Jobber 2013

WWE superstar Zack Ryder was in a slump in early 2011. He managed to revive his career in late 2011, but all of that hard work seems wasted now as he’s been a jobber for over a year now. Ryder […]

WWE Hits Landmark, Earns Over One Million YouTube Subscribers

WWE On YouTube

The WWE reached a milestone earlier today with its official YouTube channel. The professional wrestling company has now earned over one million subscribers. The company made the announcement via a press release that was issued earlier this week. The company’s […]

Zack Ryder Ends Youtube Show

Zack Ryder Youtube Video

Zack Ryder it appears has ended his long famous Youtube show. “Z! True Long Island Story” celebrated its 100th episode this week and it looks like it is the final ever episode. The video has now been posted on WWE’s […]

Can Zack Ryder Get Pushed Again In 2013?

Zack Ryder IC

If we were to rewind the clocks back to 2011, Zack Ryder’s WWE career was on the rise. Suddenly, his push was halted and his 2012 wasn’t so good. Can Ryder get pushed yet again in 2013? Ryder’s 2011 was […]

WWE’s Main Event Kicks It Old School

The debut of WWE’s Main Event on ION possessed a remarkable old school charm.  Whether it was intentional or not, Main Event didn’t come close to replicating the big budget experience of both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown!.  […]

Monday Night Raw. Episode 999

Tonight marked the last Monday Night Raw that will be numbered in the triple digits. This was episode number 999, one week before the industrious episode 1000. Coming off the heels of last nights WWE Money In The Bank 2012 […]