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Ryan Giggs, Wife and Ex-mistress Fight in the Street

Ryan Giggs, his wife Stacey and his ex-mistress Natasha had a heated verbal exchange in the streets of the United Kingdom earlier this week.

If you aren’t familiar with this story, I’ll do my best to sum it up in two concise sentences.

In June 2011, Natasha sold the story of her controversial affair with Giggs to the media. By the way, Natasha was married to Ryan’s brother Rhodri.

OMG, what a twist! Has there been a more disturbing sports story in 2011? Surely not.

Luckily enough, The Sun was at the scene of the dispute and reported the following:

 Giggs’ wife Stacey breaks the deadlock telling Natasha: “You’re nothing but a f***ing s**g.”

Giggs fires this volley at his ex: “Are you f***ing proud of yourself? I hope you got paid a lot.”

The United ace blasts: “Do you realise you’ve split up two families?”

Natasha spits: “You’d already done that a long time ago.”

Giggs: “You realise I never cared about you, it was just sex to me.”

He shoots: “You didn’t have to sell your story, you did it all for the money.”

He scores: “Did you honestly ever think I had feelings for you?”

He rubs it in: “I know where part of your money’s gone – on your new t*ts.”

Nat’s defence is poor but with a couple of strikers up front she pulls one back: “Oh Ryan, it’s really great to know that you’re still playing happy families.”

Nat tweets later: “That awkward moment when u bump into the one person u never thought you would see again with his lapdog. Also referred to as ‘the wife’.”

And she adds: “Had a blazin’ row in the street he is such a t*t!!!!!!!!”

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