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Soccer Premier League

Screw Chelsea-United, Set Your Tivo for Liverpool-Spurs

Channeling my favorite Saturday Night Live character, Stefon, I’m going to pitch Monday night’s Tottenham-Liverpool match by pointing out that if you like classic Premier League affairs, full of both tradition and contemporary drama, then look no further. This game’s got everything. It has:

1. The return of Luis Suarez

2. The debuts of Louis Saha (Saha so good!) and wee-bit-weird Ryan Nelsen (a.k.a. the White Knight) for Spurs

3. Tottenham attempting to break the Manchester hegemony; Liverpool attempting to break the glass ceiling and finish in the top four

4. You’ll Never Walk Alone

5. No racist booing, hopefully

So screw Sunday’s Chelsea-United match (even though it’s on Fox though, gladly), the Liverpool-Spurs game is my pick for this weekend’s going-to-my-friend’s-house-to-watch-his-Tivo’ed-recording-on-a-huge-screen game of note.

Go… sh*t, Tottenham? I don’t know! I’m so torn!