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Videos: Amidst Mind Games Manchester City’s Toure Brothers Talk Music

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On Manchester City’s official YouTube account it was revealed by Kolo Toure that his brother had a musical taste a little bit different from your average soccer star. According to Kolo, former Barcelona midfielder Yaya Toure is a fan of the softer ballads by Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.

This may be a classic case of sibling stitch-up, but it is good to see some light hearted copy coming out of City while everyone else is embroiled in mind games and trying to mastermind the downfall of title rivals Manchester United.

In recent days there has been an increase in press from the two Manchester clubs, trying to psyche out their opposition. Sir Alex Ferguson is proclaimed as the master of such tricks and he has had many round about him try and publicly knock City. While he went on record saying that Roberto Mancini allowing Carlos Tevez back into City’s squad was a sign of weakness, former Manchester United captain Bryan Robson claimed that City made a mistake in the whole affair via another news outlet.

 Manchester City then had the club’s Football Development Executive, and former player, Patrick Vieira talk to the BBC about charity work and the developments at the club. What came out of it was that Vieira allegedly told reporter Dan Roan that United were receiving favorable treatment by referees, amidst talking of other issues.

However, following the reports Manchester City sent out an angry statement condemning the BBC for ‘misrepresenting’ Vieira and have since banned Dan Roan from their ground and any other Manchester City media events. They state that they had no intention of criticizing United.

All in all this is quite a tense situation. City will eventually be drawn into more overt dealings with United in the press and if they do their efforts will have to be strong in order to rattle Sir Alex and his squad. They are old hat at this and right now it looks like City and bracing themselves to simply take bombardment.

In the meantime there has been a different kind of counter claim. Kolo’s brother Yaya has today told City’s official site, in a well known maneuver, that it is in fact his wife that listens to ballads in his car. Sure it is Yaya… sure it is…

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