Watching Swansea-Newcastle at Fadó with Much-Needed Pints

I don’t normally drink at 11 o’clock in the morning. Okay, sometimes I do. Okay, often I do.

Still, this morning’s pints were sorely needed, as my belovèd Swans were disected by Papiss Cissé and Newcastle United. As usual, I hate being right; I’ve been saying all season long that time of possession is a misleading statistic, and that finishing is what matters most. This fact could not have been made more evident by today’s performance, which saw Swansea dominate possession (80% by the last count) but Newcastle emerge as the victors after some timely precision and two great strikes by Cissé. The win moves the Magpies up to 5th, above Chelsea and right on the heels of the possibly unraveling Spurs.

Overall the Swans played with decent form, stringing together some nice passes and coordinating some effective attacks. They certainly weren’t outclassed, and as such shouldn’t hang their heads with the defeat, even though a 2-0 home loss is not entirely inspiring. In the end, it came down to lapses in the defense and disciplined patience by Newcastle—one of the league’s best teams (let’s not forget). But I still expect more from Swansea, and a pretty loss is still a loss none-the-less.

While the game itself was disappointing, the venue—one of Austin’s great Irish pubs, Fadó—was anything but. With great ambiance, huge televisions, and a steady stream of Boddington’s, Fadó offered the perfect atmosphere for drinking on a weekday morning and yelling with resigned solipsism at little players on the glowing screen who can’t hear your pleas to shoot it, shoot it damn you, shoot it! Oh, and the service was good.

If anyone in Austin would like to grab a few pints and watch a match at Fadó in the future, please let me know. Except for Alan, who’s not invited.

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