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Camp Nou? More Like Camp Blue!—and Other Gems from “Watching” Chelsea v. Barcelona on Twitter

Wow. Just… wow.

This afternoon’s Chelsea-Barcelona game, which saw Chelsea (somehow) squeak through to the Champions League final, was perhaps the most dramatic game in the Blues’ recent years—definitely the most dramatic game I’ve seen since the 2010 World Cup.

Well, rather, it would be, if I had actually seen it. I was one of the sorry souls who couldn’t sneak out to the pub to catch this one, instead resigning myself to living vicariously through twitter acquaintances. Yet, somehow, this removal from the first-hand account only made the match that much more painstaking and nail-biting, in a good way.

Refreshing my twitter feed like a man on fire, I was glued to my computer all afternoon (yeah yeah, I’ll answer the phone in a moment). For the love of all that is sacred, what’s going to happen next?! You can imagine the suspense.

I still can’t quite believe the outcome. But what I can believe is the great tweets that graced my screen throughout the game. Here are some favorites from various lucky bastards who actually got to watch:

“I don’t understand what just happened.”

“Messi the Magician; yup, he disappeared these 2 games”

“Andre villas boas is watching this in his dressing gown in a florida badlands motel swigging moonshine and grimacing into his clipboard”

“Fernando Torres and his Garnier Nutrisse Luminous Blonde #82 Champagne Fizz hair are coming on, Kickettes.”

“dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria…”

“2 things I never thought I’d see in a champions league final…Messi missing a penalty and getting a yellow card!!”

“Will Chelsea have enough players for the final? Seems like half the team will be suspended.”

“I’m fairly confident that Abramovich would of paid £50 million for that goal alone. Wait a minute, he did! #Torres”


“Fernan-don’t-scorres no more?”


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