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Soccer Champions League

Bayern Munich Downs Real Madrid To Advance To Champions League Finals

In a game where it went horribly wrong for 14 minutes, Bayern Munich had a choice. Give up, already having lost their one goal advantage, or dig in and fight back. Bayern chose the latter, and what transpired could not have been scripted.

Real Madrid came out and took it to the Bavarian side, scoring twice in the game’s opening 14 minutes. The first came on a cross pitch pass that when Di María received it in the box and tried to cut the shot back across the pitch, Alaba stuck his hand out and blocked it, an automatic yellow and penalty. Christiano Ronaldo would put the ball home easily in the back of the net.

Bayern’s trouble wasn’t over yet, as Ronaldo broke free and had a 2 on 1 with Bayern goalie Manuel Neuer, in which Ronaldo calmly  put the ball into the back of the net. Bayern’s 2-1 lead had evaporated in just 14 minutes, and now were down 3-1.

However, it would not be for long. Bayern started to push forward more and more, creating decent opportunities and getting a few shots on target. Mario Gomez slashed to the middle of the goal box on a good but not great pass from Toni Kroos, but Pepe takes him down and gets carded.

The Dutchman Arjen Robben was nearly denied on the ensuing penalty, but Iker Casillas watches as the ball bounces off his finger tips and into the goal. Though the game is at 2-1 Real Madrid, it’s now 3-3 aggregate, with both teams having an away goal. Overtime is looming if no one scores.

With a pretty boring second half, that is exactly what would happen. Neither team really tried to push forward, though each side had their fare share of chances. The same would go for the next 30 minutes, each team would make a run or two, kick it back out, hold, move forward, lose possession, rinse and repeat. Both sides seemed content to let the game go on the feet of the strikers and hands of the goal keepers, and it would not dissapoint.

19 year old David Alaba would be first in this pressure packed situation, and with ice in his veins took Casillas right, but kicked it left for an easy conversion. The young Neuer is up to the challenge of Christiano Ronaldo, who somehow has his well struck shot saved by the German.

Round two would repeat just as round one did. Mario Gomez hammers hit attempt home, while Kaká his stuffed by Neuer. Bayern with the huge advantage and could just about put it away here, however, Casillas is up to the challenge this time and stuffs Kroos. Xabi Alonso didn’t have much opposition from Neuer, and now it is 2-1 Bayern after three rounds.

Bayern captain Phillip Lahm would be next, and hits a pretty good shot, but Casillas makes an even better save, preserving the one goal deficit. Sergio Ramos would take Real’s next kick, but smashes his attempt well over the bar. That sets up Bastian Schweinsteiger with an attempt to close the game, and he makes the most of it, driving home the ball and sending Bayern into the Champions League final in Munich on May 19th against Chelsea.

Two Spanish league teams in the semifinals, but yet none are through. Sometimes, that’s football. Both La Liga teams were expected to make statements at home, but both came up just a little short. On to Munich, where there may not be a whole lot of defense, as both Chelsea and Bayern Munich will be missing a number of players due to multiple yellow cards and an inexplicit red, especially on the back four. For now, enjoy the moment Bayern fans. You deserve it.

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