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What Was Said After the Manchester Derby

It was a game which went some way to deciding the fate of the English Premier League trophy. However, while Sir Alex Ferguson rues his team’s poor performance, Roberto Mancini is still claiming that United are the ones to beat.

It is canny to say this, but the jig may well be up for the Italian. The slip up which allowed United to pull back to the top has been recovered from and City now face two games to decide their destiny. If they defeat Newcastle away on Sunday and then QPR at home on the following Sunday they are EPL champions.

Enough time for some mind games? Perhaps, but after such an uplifting result Roberto Mancini was in a good enough place to swipe away any Ferguson attacks immediately after the game, and he did so with a smile on his face.

Ferguson was presented to the press and angrily stated –perhaps fueled by the anger he displayed on the touchline as he marched towards Mancini following an ill-timed Nigel De Jong challenge on Danny Welbeck –that “He [Mancini] refereed the game right the way through. He was haranguing the officials. He can’t complain about referees anymore.”

Mancini, understandably, took this question and took all of the sting out of it, though. With rich sarcasm he intoned that Sir Alex never speaks to any officials and that he only had nice things to say on the touchline.

There was a feeling of mirth and perhaps a degree of relief from the City manager, but he would not concede that the race was over. It is all business, still, at the Etihad stadium.

That is, of course, until lifelong supporter and notorious hell-raiser Liam Gallagher, of Oasis fame, swanned into the after match press conference and helped himself to Mancini’s seat. The video below is fairly muffled, but according to journalists present the current Beady Eye front man told the press pack to ask anything because City were top of the league.

He was also believed to have suggested that Ferguson had been drinking a bit too much whisky. Then, in his final, surreal act, he hugged the incoming Vincent Kompany, made a peace sign and stated “Vive Le Belgium!”, before swaggering back out into the real world.

Never a dull moment in Manchester.