Roy Hodgson’s Appointment Disappoints Wayne Rooney… Kind Of

If ever one needed proof that feverous soccer fans have a sense of humor, despite their tendencies to get carried away, this video is it. In a frame-by-frame, stop motion animation this scene depicts England players Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard getting entirely too worked up about Harry Redknapp becoming their new England Manager…only to be deflated by Roy Hodgson’s appearance.

This perhaps sums up what the nation was like when the announcement was made. Already sold on ‘Arry’s arrival few even considered Hodgson a candidate. Of course the vastly experienced tactician has international experience having headed the United Arab Emirates national side, Finland’s side and notably the Swiss national side, who he had some success with.

Few can see past his days at Liverpool where the 64-year-old railed against the press and had little accord with the players who he could not get to play in a successful system. Despite having managed Internazionale of Milan, twice, there were myths about him being unable to control big name players with big egos.

Whether he can or not will be found out as his first matches as manager will be played out amidst the glare of Euro 2012.

It remains to be seen if the England faithful will back him for any length of time. He may well be hampered by the fact that throughout the BBC’s coverage of the major event the punters not on their way to the tournament will be sitting at home watching expert analysis given by Harry Redknapp himself. A few bad results and Harry explaining why it happened could see Hodgson undermined before he has even started.

We shall see, but the first problem Hodgson has is to pick a squad. He needs to take four strikers, realistically, and he will be without Rooney for the first two games as he serves a suspension.

The fans may be bouncing off the walls, bounding between mirth and despair, but we shall see how Hodgson copes in yet another international arena. Let’s just hope he is judged on merit.