Swansea and Liverpool Fans Need to Accept Rodgers’ (Stupid) Decision

Despite my clear hope that Brendan Rodgers would have stayed at Swansea City, and despite his insistence that he was indeed going to stick with the Welsh side he had so successfully captained in their first year in the Premier League, I am reticent to come down either way on his jumping ship to Liverpool, as fans from both teams continue to draw their own personal lines in the sand.

While I think it’s a stupid move for Rodgers, even given the prestige of the post (maybe it’s just because I find high-profile jobs to be anathema), it’s almost inevitable that coaches, like most workers, will move to higher-paid positions given the opportunity. And it’s not like he’s leaving Swansea for United; Liverpool has its endearing qualities (less so, now, but still) and maybe Rodgers can get them playing some pretty football again.

With that said, Swansea’s players and fans are surely and rightly feeling just a little miffed (if not a lot) by this decision—not just by its end result but also by the way it went down. First, rumors speculate about Rodgers’ departure, then he quells those rumors by pledging loyalty to his side, then talk resurfaces about Liverpool making a deal to Rodgers, then Rodgers announces that no deal has been made but that he’d like to go to Anfield, and then finally Liverpool confirms that a deal has been made and that Rodgers, along with three staff, will be making the move under a reported three-year contract with Fenway Sports Group.  I don’t think I’m hyperbolizing in the slightest by pointing out that this sequence of events is, if nothing else, annoyingly contrived.

So with Rodgers taking his talents to South Lancashire, it’s probably best for Swans fans not to dwell on his unceremonious departure, but rather to look forward to beating Liverpool next season. And for Liverpool fans, it’s probably best to accept Rodgers and hope he can class the Reds up a bit.

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