Euro 2012 : After Marko Devic’s Non-Goal, Will UEFA President Michel Platini Implement Goal-Line Technology?

DONETSK – If there was a goal—or non-goal—that may force UEFA to adopt goal-line technology, look no further than Ukrainian forward Marko Devic’s “goal” against England in Euro 2012.

Devic, a 28-year-old Sebrian-born striker from Ukrainian club, Shakhtar Donetsk, would score perhaps the most infamous non-goal in European tournament history.

With England leading, 1-0, Devic would fire a shot on the English goal that would deflect past goalkeeper, Joe Hart, upwards in the air and cross the goal line, only to be cleared out by defender John Terry.

England would go on to win, 1-0 and advance to the knockout stage.

UEFA president, Michel Platini, one of the greatest players in soccer history, has been vehemently adamant about the use of goal-line technology in UEFA despite three recent–and glaring– examples of why it is needed.

During the FA Cup semifinals, Chelsea striker Juan Mata would score a “goal” against Tottenham, to help the Blues advance to the final, where they would eventually emerge victorious.

In a recent Euro 2012 match, Pepe of Portugal would fire a strike against Germany, that would hit the bottom of the top crossbar, and straight down on the goal line.

With this latest non-goal, how many more examples does Platini need before he finally admits the error of his ways and allows goal-line technology?

To make things worse for both Platini and UEFA, the injustice happened in front of the co-host nation’s own team, in it’s own stadium in front of an international audience worldwide.

While Platini was a brilliant player during his time at Nancy, Saint-Etienne and Juventus, his stance against implementing goal-line technology is flawed at best.

Platini’s belief is that goal-line technology will ruin the flow of the game—his words—goal-line technology will cut down on egregious errors and make things more fair.

Whether it is out of stubbornness or close-mindedness on the part of Platini, the only question that remains is how many more Devic-like non-goals will it take before goal-line technology is finally implemented?

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