Monday Poll: Who’s the MVP of Euro 2012 Thus Far?

With the final four teams set for an exciting endgame to Euro 2012, several players* could be in the running for MVP of the tournament. Cristiano Ronaldo is doing what he does best (while simultaneously setting the record for most haircuts in the single tournament), Mario Gomez is using his head, Andrea Pirlo is making fools out of goalkeepers, and Andres Iniesta is, well, Andres Iniesta. So who is most valuable to their team as they enter the semi-finals? Would Portugal collapse without Ronaldo’s iron will, or would Spain’s machine grind down without the vision of Iniesta? Mario Gomez has been netting goals, but could Germany easily cruise without him? Vote in our poll!

* Of course other players could be included, but for the sake of brevity I stuck with these four (sorry, Gerrard fans!). They’re also all still currently active in the tournament.

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