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Monday Poll: What Do We Think of Spain?

I watched the final among a pretty tame crowd at a Soviet-themed bar in downtown Austin (seriously), and the responses to the Spain vs. Italy matchup ranged from puncuated elation to quiet chattering to aloofness. Nobody but my party seemed dismayed, and judging by the red Spanish shirts and the red and blue Barcelona shirts, it was generally a happy but none-too-shocked audience. My immediate reaction was a combination of disgust at Fernando Torres‘ post-goal prancing, annoyance at the commentators’ on-air Spain-gasms, and finally an acceptance that this result was not only predictable (and predicted), but ultimately deserved. I tipped my metaphorical hat to Spain and their fans, and then headed to another bar to continue drinking. Such is life.

But that’s just me. What’s your response? Were you, like many of my friends, inspired by the Spanish performance? Did you find comfort in every precise pass, every neatly-run angle? Did you love Xavi‘s pass to Jordi Alba or what? Or were you, like me, bored by dominance? Do you fear they will run over the competition in Brazil in 2014, or are you excited to see what will come next for a team many are now listing among the greatest of all time? Am I foolish for calling Spain the Death Star? Please politely let us know by voting in Monday’s poll!