Monday Poll: How will goal-line technology change the Premier League?

By Eric Imhof

With FIFA announcing that it will be implementing goal-line technology effective immediately, and with the Premier League expected to follow suit, cheers and grumbles have been amassing as seemingly age-old debates rage on.

Some say it will make the game less fluid, with more interruptions and delays. Some even say they enjoy the controversy caused by frivolous decisions by the referees. FIFA itself has tended to revel in the tabloid-filling fallout and never-ending arguments which were sure to follow any questionable call, especially if it decided an important match.

Others, however, say that it’s about time FIFA adopted this policy, since fairness is the ultimate objective and getting calls right, especially on goals, is paramount. There are already interruptions and delays, what with players rolling around for 20 minutes after each foul, teams taking their sweet time to substitute at the end of a match, and keepers letting their midfielders jog up-field before lining up their booming goal kicks.

And even with a slight delay, isn’t it worth the wait to get the call right? With so many clearly incorrect calls being made (cf. US-Slovenia and England-Germany in World Cup 2010, England-Ukraine in Euro 2012, and countless games in the Prem), along with the ability of fans to immediately see the replay on television, the discontentment over human error doesn’t look to be going anywhere any time soon. And if fans can look at the replay and get the call right from their couches, why can’t refs do the same from the sideline?

On what side of the fence do you fall? Is goal-line technology good for the game, or will it make the Premier League not only slower, but just as controversial? (Sitting on the fence, of course, is not allowed.)

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