Soccer Rumors: Mourinho Wants to Lure Micah Richards to Madrid

By Eric Imhof

I’ve seen José Mourinho called many things in print: a wizard, an evil genius, even a Sith lord (i.e. Darth Vader). But however he’s described, what can be said with certainty about him is that he has proven a successful manager—not just in his current post at Real Madrid but at others, including Inter, Chelsea, and Porto. At Madrid this past season, he not only oversaw the return of power in La Liga to the capital, but was a penalty kick away from playing for the Champions League title.

So how will the diabolical mastermind improve his club after setting season records for points and goals last year? Well, rumor has it that his first move will be to shore up the defense (hard to imagine how they could be better offensively), according to an anonymous source. The defender in question is, this same source claims, Manchester City’s Micah Richards. The right back apparently impressed Mourinho with his solid form last season, in which City won the English Premier League title on goal differential in dramatic fashion.

Considering that an anonymous source is not entirely convincing, if even credible, this move makes some sense for a Madrid side that shattered goal records but at times looked shaky in the back (not even Pepe’s penchant for stomping on people seemed to help). With Sergio Ramos and Richards in the back, perhaps Mourinho would be looking to take a little pressure off of Ronaldo and Benzema up front.

Whether or not this story is true (it probably isn’t), it seems likely that Mourinho will be making moves to beef up his defense before the season opener. In terms of his offense, the old saying about not fixing something that isn’t broken is apropos.

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