Am I the Only One Who Doesn't Care Where Robin van Persie Lands?

By Eric Imhof
Robin Van Persie – adapted from Kimjihiji on Flickr


As the Robin van Persie rumor mill keeps churning (some, including myself, might prefer the term “grinding”), United, City, and Juventus seem to be rising to the top of the shortlist of clubs that might snatch up the Dutch striker. Sir Alex Ferguson apparently told reporters who told other reporters that RvP was sure to land at Old Trafford, but so far nothing concrete has materialized. And the speculation rages on, as RvP continues his reticence to just make a decision already, for the love of all that is sacred.

So I ask myself (and, now that it’s posted, you): Am I the only one who doesn’t care at all where RvP lands? I once told a friend that Van Persie reminds me of everyone I hated in college. I’m not sure why, but it just seems like he taps in great passes from his teammates and then smirks and runs around with this hands outstretched like an airplane and it’s all just really puerile and annoying. Or maybe it’s that Arsenal has unfortunate sweater-vest-looking uniforms.

Either way, I could care less if he ends up at City or United, since it’s hard to tell them apart these days, and if he ends up at Juventus then at least I won’t have to watch him much if I don’t want to. (I don’t pay much attention to Serie A; there’s only room for so many leagues in the old noodle, you know what I mean?)

Arsenal fans, of course, very much care where he goes. They’ll focus their hate like lasers on said club, which is on some level understandable. But that’s just the thing: I would think Arsenal supporters already hate City and United (as do most other people not in Manchester), and so the ire will be less special somehow—as if it were diluted by the already existing ill-will towards either deficit-spending juggernaut.

When will the saga end, and where will RvP land? I don’t really care. Do you?

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