Poll: Is Piers Morgan Right About God Save The Queen? (No, It Can't Be)

By Eric Imhof

With God-Save-The-Queen-Gate behind us, at least soccer-wise, it seemed fitting to pose this question for future reference. Should the non-English, i.e. Welsh, Scottish, and Northern Irish members of Team Great Britain (in any sport, really) be forced or sing “God Save The Queen” before matches or at medal ceremonies?

Piers Morgan, for one, thinks so. He was even willing to put his money where his mouth is, tweeting: “Last word on the anthem debate (promise!) – I’ll donate £1,000 to @GreatOrmondSt for each #TeamGB gold-winning athlete who sings GSTQ.”

The Welsh players on Team GB football, for their part, made their penalties in the devastating but simultaneously all-too predictable loss to South Korea yesterday, thus doing their part to make another rendition of the song possible. But alas, it was not to be. I wonder if Aaron Ramsey and Ryan Giggs would rather have to face the question of whether or not to sing, if it meant advancing to the next stage of the tournament. In any event, they made a good showing, in my opinion, both with their play and with their refusal to yield to overwhelming pressure to sing the anthem. They should be proud of their performance and of their stance.

But what do you think? Should they have just sung the song? And for that matter, should future Team GB athletes just sing the song? I hope by now that you should be able to guess my answer to this question, but hey, I’m just one guy, and I’ve never even been to the United Kingdom.

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