Poll: Which Premier League Side Was Most Disappointing This Weekend?

By Eric Imhof

After week one, Fulham sits atop the English Premier League table, with a +5 goal differential, all without the use of star goal-scorer and utility man Clint Dempsey. I’d say that’s a pretty good start. (Swansea City sits in second with the same point differential, mind you. Not too shabby, either.)

Some other teams with great expectations, however, failed to duplicate Fulham’s shot out of the gate. Arsenal, United, Liverpool, and Hotspur all ended up winless, with LFC sitting in 18th as it stands, with no goals or points to show for their effort. Arsenal at least escaped with a draw, but with their summer transfers many thought that this season was theirs to win (although Gooners always think that, don’t they?). Maybe Arsenal can be forgiven since they were missing the services of one Robin van Persie, but apparently his help wasn’t enough to make any difference for United, who lost to Everton moments ago.

As for Tottenham, I didn’t put them in the poll because a 2-1 loss to Newcastle isn’t entirely disappointing, especially in the first week under new management. They showed plenty to build on, even with the Luka Modric debacle, and besides, I don’t think many Spurs supporters were realistically talking about taking the title this year. A top-four finish is always nice, and winning the first one is a positive step toward that end, but an early drop to Newcastle is hardly something to panic over.

So who disappointed the most this past weekend? Vote in the poll to “let your voice be heard,” or some equally eye-rolling cliché.

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