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Poll: Joe Allen Totally Looks Like Seth Meyers, Amiright?

We can say with some certainty two games in to this Premier League season that Joe Allen has been Brendan Rodgers‘ most steady transfer at Liverpool. He played well under Rodgers at Swansea City, and so far all indications are that he will continue his form at Anfield. His crisp passing, hustle, and control of the midfield should have been enough to propel Liverpool to a home win today over defending champs Manchester City (there’s nothing he or anyone else could have done about Martin Skrtel‘s back pass, after all), and he may know Rodgers’ mind better than any other player right now in a red jersey.

But while watching the exciting match this morning at a local pub, huddled at a table with only my coffee and Guinness to sustain me, the only thing I could think while watching Allen is that he looks exactly like Seth Meyers, the famous American comedian best known for his roles on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update and his bit at the 2001 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Has anyone else pointed out this doppelgangerism yet? It’s eerie. Look at the picture above. Is that Joe Allen or Seth Meyers? I honestly can’t tell, and I’m the one who posted the image.

So this week’s poll seeks to confirm or rebut my suspicion that Joe Allen and Seth Meyers are twins, or that they’re actually the same person, or that both of them are actually Paul McCartney. Is Joe Allen the walrus? Vote in the poll and help me decide, will ya?