Despite Adidas' Best Efforts, I Finally Got My Swansea Jersey

By Eric Imhof
Photo by Eric Imhof


Too bad there’s a break in the Premier League schedule, because I came home from work to find that the Swansea City away jersey I ordered had finally arrived, and now I have to wait a whole week to wear it on gameday. And by “I ordered” I mean I had a friend in London order from the store at Liberty and send it to me here, because I couldn’t get one myself for anything less than three-bajillion-dollars shipping.

After searching online, going to a few places around town, and hate-tweeting to no avail, I resorted to wiring money (well not really wiring, but “paypaling” is such a stupid verb) to a generous ally in London, who was able to purchase the shirt from the stadium store, have it sent to her, and then package it up all nice-like and let air mail do the rest. Thank you, Tess (and Stell says “thank you” for her Team GB Union Jack wristbands and official Royal Wedding Sick Bag, and “too late” on becoming a cat lady).

So despite Adidas’ best efforts to keep people from sending them money in exchange for their products, I now, finally, can be the only person wearing a Swansea jersey at the pub for the remainder of the season, or at least until Kris gets one from Mr. Alan Dymock. What a joy it will be to explain to people that, yes, I actually like little Swansea and yes, that is a little swan in the crest. (And as a bonus, the Christmasy color scheme will come in handy during the Holidays.) I hope the person working in the soccer gear store in Austin who laughed at me when I asked if they had any Swansea stuff reads this and repents for his trespasses (although, he was a Liverpool supporter, so I would feel bad for piling it on).

Anyway, I’m glad to have the jersey in my hands at last; it’ll be nice and new and ready for next Saturday’s match against Aston Villa. Go Swans.

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