Soccer World Cup

How Football Makes A Difference To Homeless In Liverpool

Homeless World Cup – by Maltesen


So often we are shown the bad side of football: the players stumbling drunk out of night clubs, the fans hurling abuse at each other, and other things of a similar nature.

This piece, however, is going to be about something entirely different. I feel that it’s about time people were shown the good side of football, the side that supports the local community and its people.

The example that I would like to look at is Liverpool Homeless Football Club, a Merseyside-based organisation that helps to tackle the problems associated with homelessness through football.

Founded in 2007, LHFC brings together a total of 18 homeless organisations from across the Merseyside area to form a group of 700 players. LHFC aims to “bring people together and engage people in a healthy and social activity” and help their players to get their lives back on track.

As well as improving general fitness and nutrition levels, LHFC help their players into education, employment, drug addiction, and long-term accommodation.

The organisation also works hard to remove the myths and stigma surrounding the homeless community, which can often act as a barrier to regaining control of one’s life.

The group has already won several awards, most notably the Echo Pride of Merseyside Community Group Award, and they are sending a total of 6 men and 17 women to the England training camps to prepare for the Homeless World Cup, which is to be held in Mexico City in October.

There are millions of charities just like this one across the world, helping vulnerable people to regain a sense of pride and dignity in their lives, and I urge you to find your nearest one and get involved. Football can make a positive difference in a person’s life.

If you would like to learn more about LHFC, just click on this link to go to their website.

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