Earthquakes Wouldn't Play MLS Cup Final at Buck Shaw

By Dan Irwin
San Jose Earthquakes
Kyle Terada – US Presswire

The San Jose Earthquakes have come out of nowhere in the 2012 MLS season to show that the little guy can play with the best.  Their goal scoring sensation Chris Wondolowski has proven that names you didn’t know at the beginning of the year can emerge in the lake of superstars like Thiery Henry and David Beckham.

But there’s been a huge concern for MLS and commissioner Don Garber.  Since the MLS Cup Final will be held in a team’s home stadium rather than a neutral location as in year’s past, what will happen if San Jose make it to the final game, and a contest of such magnitude were to be held in tiny Buck Shaw Stadium, a camp that only seats 10,744 people?

The concern was addressed, but not laid to rest on Saturday night as Garber spoke about the issue following the match between the New York Red Bulls and D.C. United.

“We have made the decision that we would like to move the game out of the stadium that they play in in Santa Clara today,” Garber said.  When asked about where the game would be played he said, “We have not yet resolved where that game is going to be played.”

Indeed, attempting to showcase the championship game of a growing sport cannot take place in such a small venue.  The Earthquakes are beginning construction on a new stadium, but it won’t be done until the 2014 season.  Although Garber did not nail down a location for fans, he wasn’t shy about letting his feelings be known on where this potential game could be.

“I don’t want to wish bad things on Stanford. I’m sure lots of Stanford fans want to see them hosting the Pac-12 Championship,” Garber said. “We’re still tracking to see what happens there.”

That picture got a little more clear last night, as the Oregon Ducks were able to defeat the USC Trojans, meaning the likelihood of the Stanford Cardinal would be hosting the Pac-12 Championship has gone down considerably.

The San Jose Earthquakes won the MLS Supporter’s Shield this season, finishing with the most points in the entire MLS.  If they made it to the final game, regardless of who they played, they would host the winner-take-all championship match.

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