The Sister of Brazil Soccer Star Hulk Kidnapped?

By Paul Bentley
Geoff Burke – US Presswire

Brazilian soccer player Hulk is normally in the news for being outspoken and brilliant on the soccer pitch as well.  Unfortunately, his name is in the news regarding a serious and scary situation this time.

Authorities say that 22-year-old Angelica Aparecida Vieira de Sousa has been missing since Monday afternoon.  This young lady is Hulk’s younger sister.

An acquaintance of the missing girl who was with her when she was dropped off outside of a restaurant, claims he thinks she has been kidnapped.

Angelica Aparecida Vieira de Sousa was last seen outside of that restaurant and no one has reported anything regarding seeing her kidnapped.

However, news outlets in Brazil are widely reporting the incident as a kidnapping, yet Campina Grande Police are saying it’s too early to declare the incident a kidnapping.

Another interesting point in the story, is that family of the missing lady apparently told police to stay away from the case.  Does this mean they know her whereabouts and are going to take matters into their own hands?

Although this is wild news to most, kidnappings of relatives to famous Brazilians have happened several times over the years, generally resulting in the victims being unharmed.  Don’t get me wrong, this is still a very scary situation.

Hulk, 26, moved from Portugal’s FC Porto to Russia’s Zenit St. Petersburg in September to play club soccer.  The deal was worth 55 million euros.  This kind of money surely puts one’s name in the spotlight.

Check back for updates regarding this situation and we hope Angelica Aparecida Vieira de Sousa is back home safely soon.


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