LeToux Round Deux Begins in Philadelphia

By Phil Naegely
Sebastien LeToux
Photo by Greg Carroccio

It started with Sebastian LeToux coming to Philadelphia thanks to the Expansion Draft. It ended almost a year ago when Peter Nowak traded away LeToux to the Vancouver Whitecaps.  Midway through the season LeToux was traded to arch-rival New York Red Bulls.

Last season LeToux said he never wanted to play in Philadelphia under former Team Manager Nowak. Well now that he stepped down after a dismal start, it is a perfect time for LeToux’s return to the Philadelphia Union. It shall be interesting to see how he will fit into current Team Manager John Hackworth’s plan going forward.

With that being said, it looks like this move is for soccer and public relations reasons. Nowak traded away many fan favorites, such as Danny Califf, Danny Mwanga, and the aforementioned LeToux, and caused tension between the fans and team management. This move brings back a fan favorite and could help sell more tickets.

As for the trade, the Union traded Josue Martinez and allocation money to the Red Bulls in return for LeToux. Some of that money ends up most likely being money that the Union received in trades last year. It will be interesting to see how LeToux will fit into the Union’s play. Most likely LeToux and Jack McInerney will both play up top, since both are not the strongest on the wings.

Hackworth is excited to have LeToux back in town. The fans cannot agree more as they have missed him. Generally the Sons of Ben, the supporters section of the Union, love this move because of the love they had for LeToux while in a Union uniform.

“We are happy to welcome Sebastien [LeToux] back to the club,” said Hackworth. “His determination and heart are a perfect fit for the mentality of this team.”

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