How do the Premier League Imports Learn English?

By Stowe Gregory
US Presswire – Rafael Suanes

Soccer geeks, ever wondered how the Premier League‘s foreign imports manage to learn English so quickly?

With 327 foreign players in England‘s top division, that’s 65.5%, the English language is something that has been proven as a difficult point of adjustment for the likes of Manchester City‘s Carlos Tevez who is still struggling despite playing in the UK for over 6 years.

But it seems there is a new, quick, alternative that is teaching the more recent migrants the essentials of soccer, in English. A book, designed for those in the soccer business, that need to learn soccer talk before anything else.

It’s called “English for Football” and is part of a series of ‘Learn quick’ English books, focusing on teaching soccer players and coaches the terminology they most need within 25-30 hours.

Manchester United seem to be the team taking to the idea first. With the foreword by their manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Man United’s keeper David De Gea who has made a rapid progression in his English speaking since joining the club in 2011 has clearly been suggested the idea by his coaching staff and speaks highly of the idea. The Spanish 22 year old tweeted;

“It’s an interesting book that I’m using in my English lessons!” @D_DeGea

Courtesy of “Football for English” – Can you do it?

De Gea, who puts his improved 2012 form down to learning English, hasn’t been the only player who Manchester United have told to use the book. French man, Paul Pogba, who left the club this summer to Italian champions, Juventus, has a profile page in the book and says how;

“I knew very little [English] actually, and it was difficult at first. But now I’m always talking.”

However, he also says how Scrabble taught him quite a bit too, but I’m not going to write a post on Scrabble.. sorry!

It’s not all, “what’s this and what’s that” though, the book features discussions and even a cross-word puzzle, yes, that’s right, soccer players can do puzzles!

It’s not just Manchester United players that appear to have used the book. Liverpool‘s defensive-midfielder, Lucas Leiva has a page in the book where he describes his task in adapting to the English language after leaving his native Brazil.

Courtesy of “Football for English” – Sample of what you get!

Although, the book does at times appear to be a quiz book (for those who are masters of the language), it does look like a useful investment for those new to English football, with help on all the essentials from tactical talk to body parts.

 So, an interesting little piece of news that once viewed by myself looked so basic that it’s rather amusing, but I imagine it is very useful and insightful for those from overseas, away from the UK, who can’t speak a word, or at least a little English.
@stowegregory By Stowe Gregory


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