Mario Balotelli Takes His Own Club to Court as His Future Wavers

By Stowe Gregory
Balotelli US Tour
US Presswire – Anne-Marie Sorvin

Italian forward, Mario Balotelli will take his own club, Manchester City, to a Premier League tribunal in London this Wednesday.

The reasoning for his claim is his appeal against 2 weeks of wages he lost last season. His case will now be listened to be three Premier League individuals.

A two-week fine is the maximum penalty stipulated in standard player contracts and, although City refused to comment on the case, they are privately confident of winning. – BBC SPORT

The PFA (England’s Professional Footballers Association) has warned that such a situation is best avoided.

Balotelli, 22, was given 9 yellow cards and 3 reds in all competitions last season, and unrest between both Balotelli and his manager, Roberto Mancini is believed to have been getting worse and worse.

But the news will have contrasting reaction over both sides of Manchester. Those connected with City are likely to feel let down at the unprofessional manner that Balotelli has once again shown, as well as the lack of togetherness in the camp.

The future now looks bleak for Balotelli with dispute over his future beginning again. Roberto Mancini has recently said;

“At this moment, Mario is not in good form and for this reason he is at home. It is only for this reason. To get back into the team he needs to work in training and when he plays, he needs to play well.”

But for such an act against a club, one would question where his heart really lies.

Mario Balotelli up to his old tricks via Twitter (before it was suspended..)

The news contrasts the manner in which Sir Alex Ferguson‘s Manchester United tends to deal with problems. Such a problem would never arise at Old Trafford, with the manager in total control and keeping all matters under the club’s roof. Even when Wayne Rooney declared he wanted to leave in 2011, it was soon swept under the carpet and forgotten.

It will be a grand shame if Balotelli does leave the Premier League, such characters and personalities are what makes the game that more interesting, but with a clear division between him and those who make the decisions at the club, it now looks like he could be on the way out.

Having said that, the Carlos Tevez saga last season (although it rumbled on for quite some time) has eventually, well it appears to be, resolved. If Mancini can once again calm the storm in his camp with the mega egos in his Blue squad then it’ll be a one of his best managerial strengths. But for now it appears to be a shoddy and painfully mistimed bit of news for City – with the season reaching the famously important ‘Christmas period’ and their neighbours, United, quickly and efficiently pulling away a lead at the top.

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