Rumors Galore: Many Possibilities for A Carlos Valdes Loan, Nothing Official Yet

By Phil Naegely
Carlos Valdes
Throughout December there have been numerous reports about loan deal for Carlos Valdes, but they have changed often, and nothing official has been announced. Photo by Philadelphia Union

This off-season has been a busy one for the Philadelphia Union. With three big acquisitions putting the Union back into contention come 2013, it would seem like that would be all the news. However, that has not been the case. There has been much talk about a loan with the latest news coming out  Dec. 29.

Throughout December news of Union’s defender Carlos Valdes on loan to Colombian team Independiente Santa Fe have clogged up the news streams. It has gone from possibilities of a three month loan to a six month loan. There have been reports out there that Valdes would go on a three month loan, and then come back in time for the season’s beginning.

None of the reports have really transpired into much other than rumors, and the Union and Major League Soccer haven’t given approval for Valdes to go on six month loan yet. The Union themselves have not said much on these reports, and Valdes would only need their approval if the loan would to conflict with part of the MLS season.

As first reported on Brotherly Game Dec. 21, it looks like there was a new wrinkle to all of the loan talk. Colombian National Team coach Jose Pekerman has suggested Carlos Valdes to Boca Juniors. This just adds to the entire  saga. The Juniors are one of the best teams in Argentina and have regularly produced top players.

However, the Brotherly Game reported on Dec. 29 that the latest reports have Valdes training with Sana Fe for three months. The Union and MLS would then decide on a possible six month loan, while Valdes is playing for Santa Fe. This is just the latest report in the loan saga, and don’t be surprised if it isn’t the last report either.

In the end, Valdes could end up not being loaned anywhere or to Santa Fe or the Juniors, but the Union they could afford not to have him for part of the season. Unlike last year, the Union now has some depth on defense with newly acquired Jeff Parke and Bakary Soumare.

We shall see how all these reports play out, and where Valdes ends up playing come January, March and beyond. In the end, nothing is official yet, and there will most likely be more reports and rumors about a  possible Valdes loan before it is finally official. Because of the holidays, nothing official will come from the Union before Jan. 2 when their offices reopen.

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