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Win Gives QPR Momentum at The Right Time


No one expected Queens Park Rangers to come away against Chelsea. QPR’s 1-0 victory is just what they needed as they sit at the bottom of the table. The win moves them to only five points out of the relegation zone and into safety.

QPR desperately need ties if not wins to move up in the standings and the danger of being relegated. I understand that the season is only half way through, but the losses could dig QPR in a deep hole that they won’t be able to get out off.

However QPR could use the momentum from the win against Chelsea to move out of relegation and into the middle of the standings. That will be tough with their next three matches against Tottenham, West Ham, and Manchester City.

If QPR plays confidently like they did against Chelsea, look for QPR to battle with some of the top teams in the EPL. Their next three matches could end up being a make or break moment for QPR as they try to get out of relegation.

Several teams like Aston Villa and New Castle United seem to have been struggling lately. These lackluster performances could end up helping QPR’s escape from relegation and into the middle of the table.

With a combination of QPR stepping up their game, and other teams failing to play good football, the Rangers have a chance of avoiding relegation come May.