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Exclusive Interview with Philadelphia Union Defender Ray Gaddis

Ray Gaddis

Phil Naegely chats with Philadelphia Union defender for an exclusive interview. Photo Credit to MLS Soccer.

Ray Gaddis was selected in the 2012 Major League Soccer SuperDraft by the Philadelphia Union. A product of West Virginia University and PDL Partner Reading United, Gaddis found times to play and seized the opportunities he had.

As mentioned below, Gaddis represented the Union in Newtown for the “Soccer Night in Newtown” event, and was written before Gaddis could provide reflection on the event.

What are you looking forward to most when you get to represent the Union during “Soccer Night in Newtown”?

I just want to add some light to a place that has had such a hardship. I think the MLS has done a tremendous job bringing players and former players together to show support of the Newtown community. Representing the Union is a tremendous honor.

For you what was the hardest thing about the transition from college soccer and Reading United action to the MLS?

Any level is different when going through transition. Knowing the oppositions, tendencies, and being a student of the game you really do not know what expect from other players. The speed of play was faster.

What were some of the things that you enjoyed about your team in general?

“I enjoy the competition day in and day out from the team. I think it fuels me as a player as well makes the team better. Also I like how close the team is. We hang out on and off the field.”

What role do you see yourself playing this season?

“I do not know what role I will be playing. I just want to win and do the things asked of me by my coaches and teammates.”

With the off-season moves, what do you see the Union accomplishing this season?

“I think the sky is the limit for our team. I will just say that, but the plan is to always win the ultimate prize and that’s MLS CUP.”

Who do you think is the funniest Union player?

“There are a lot of funny player. In no order, Roger Torres, Gabe Farfan, Chris Albright, and Sheanon (Williams) are all funny, but the whole locker room is always funny.”

You are fairly open about your Christian faith, how do you integrate your faith onto the soccer pitch?

“I trust in the Lord. I feel I believe I am just living out his divine plan through me. My faith keeps me grounded and humble. It makes me realize how much of a blessing it is to play the game I love. When I going through hardship as a player, I revert to my faith, and when I am going through the good times I give all the praise to Lord, and my faith keeps me on tune and in good spirits.”