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Jonathan Walters’ ‘Bad Day’ Aids Chelsea Win

Jonathan Walters walks away after one of his two own goals against Chelsea. Photo from

So you think you have had bad days at work? Try having one in front of about 28,000 people, not to mention later when millions of people would see what you did? Jonathan Walters became the “star” of television highlight shows Saturday night because of his woes.

Stoke City manager Tony Pulis said Walters had “a bad day” during the Potters’ 4-0 loss to Chelsea in the Brittania Stadium. The loss ended a 17-match home unbeaten streak for Stoke and moved Chelsea into third in the Premier League.

For Pulis to refer to Walters’ performance as “a bad day” might be understating the obvious. Numerous players have conceded own goals, some in multiple matches. Walters, however, became only the fourth EPL player to give up two own goals in a match and the first in 10 season. The second, in the 62nd minute, may have been the “best” because it would have been an outstanding goal had it occurred on the other end of the field. Walters did what every player is taught: outwork and outleap a player to get the ball.

Walters did just that, out-leaping Frank Lampard to take a feed from Jose Mata. The result was a howler, a 2-0 Chelsea lead, but the nightmare had not concluded.

As the final whistle neared, Stoke was awarded a penalty, and “according to Pulis, “he was still brave enough to pick the ball up and take the penalty.” His kick, though, slammed off the crossbar. Mercifully, the final whistle blew and the horror show had ended.

So when you complain about having a lousy day at work, consider that for most of us, it occurs in front of a few colleagues. For Walters, it was something that will be relived for a while.