Philadelphia Union: 'Adieu to Freddy Adu, His soccer Future Is Complicated'

By Phil Naegely
Freddy Adu
Freddy Adu’s days in Philadelphia are over. The only question left is where does he end up. Photo Credit to Greg Carroccio

Today after the Philadelphia Union’s open practice and fifth day of preseason, Coach John Hackworth addressed the media and many issues. Of the many issues, he talked about Freddy Adu and his future with the Union. Last Friday, he also addressed this issue in his letter to the supporters and fans of the Union.

In the letter, he called the Adu situation “the elephant in the room.” Hackworth mentioned that they have been working on this situation since October. Today after practice, he specified a little more when asked by the media. One of the questions was about whether Adu would play for an NASL team.

“”I think that’s not on Freddy’s radar at the moment at all,” Hackworth said to the media, “”He wants to play first division soccer in the highest league possible and that’s been part of the difficulties in this whole process.”

Last season it seemed like Adu’s ego got in the way of him succeeding on the field and what the coaches were asking of him, and it seems like his ego is making his future on a soccer club complicated. There are many teams in the English Premiere League who have been struggling that could use a player like Adu, such as Queens Park Rangers or New Castle United among others. His salary is another issue on hand, and how much the Union would be willing to pay for as well.

While the situation is still complicated, we know one thing. Adu’s days on the Union are over. Throughout his time in Philadelphia, he had some good games and bright performances, but most of his games especially in 2012, were disappointing performances that left many Union fans frustrated and disappointed with his play on the field. We will just have to wait and see where he ends up. If Adu allows his ego to shrink, he could find a great spot on a NASL team like the San Anotiono Scorpions. Adu is a talented player, but he is not elite and the best like he thinks he is.

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