Mutiny Threatens West Ham’s Place In Premier League

By Gary Troia
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Two of West Ham’s summer signings, Mohamed Diame and Alou Diarra, are causing disruption in the camp at a time when everyone associated with the club should be pulling together.

The Hammers’ return to the Premier League began well, but recent poor form has seen them get dragged into the relegation mire.  It is imperative that a newly-promoted team remains in the EPL, and then, with the finances secure, begin to add better players and plan for the future.

The magic number of 40 points is generally assumed to be the insurance of Premier League survival, and with West Ham already on 27, they are only three wins and a draw away from it.

But yet again, a couple of mercenaries, who have no interest in the club or supporters, are derailing the efforts of everyone else, owing to their over-inflated egos that tell them they are better than they are.

Diame has been a rock for West Ham this season, but has had his head turned in the last few weeks by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who continues to drop hints that he is going to buy him. Diame has a £3.5 million ($5.5) release clause in his contract, and believes West Ham is ignoring it.

He is so paranoid about this that he is threatening to report the Hammers to FIFA.

Diarra, on the other hand, is not paranoid – he just doesn’t feel loved; poor little Alou. For anyone that doesn’t know, Diarra is not 17 – he is 31 and a France international.

He told L’Equipe he has “wasted his time” and has a non-existent relationship with Sam Allardyce, and can’t understand why he is being left out the side.

To which Allardyce responded: “Wasted four months of what? My time or his? He has been injured for three months.”

The club should get rid of them, and let the players who want to play for the club get on with the task of securing Premiership survival. As we know, mercenaries have no interest in the banner they fight under, only the money they receive from it.

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