Jack McInerney Chats About Offseason Rest, Competition And More

By Phil Naegely
Jack McInerney
Photo Credit to Getty Images

Coming off a season that saw Philadelphia Union forward Jack McInerney go from the bench to the starting XI, McInerney was exhausted by season’s end. In his end of season meeting with John Hackworth, he was told to rest up in preparation of the next season ahead.

“Last season was a bit tougher than I expected. Coach Hackworth told me to rest, so I rested. I focused on lifting in the off-season and took a few touches here and there.”

With the off-season moves that brought forwards Sebastien LeToux and Connor Casey to the Union, there are many possibilities of who will be in the starting XI and who will play a substitution role. Another question mark heading into the season is what formation will the Union play come March 2? One thing is for certain though. There will be some good competition to fight for those spots and roles on the team, especially on the offense.

McInerney himself isn’t sure of what role he’ll have this season.

“It is tough to say with new forwards coming in. Also we don’t know what formation we will be playing as a team yet. However, with the amount of forwards on the squad, the competition is going to be great and that is going to push us as a team and individuals to get better.”

Last season, the Union had issues scoring goals. McInerney attributes that to the failure of not being able to create chances, and he thinks the off-season moves helped that.

“I think off-season moves helped. It will help us with creating opportunities which we struggled to do last season.”

Speaking of LeToux and his old jersey number (#9) that McInerney currently wears, “There was no discussion about it” when he returned to the Union. For this season, “Jack Mac” will wear No. 9 and LeToux will wear No. 11.

The fans have been a great plus to McInerney’s short time in Philadelphia so far. Their energy gives the players an “adrenaline rush when they are gasping for air as the game heads into the final moments of the game.” His favorite moment so far in Philadelphia has to be when he scored the game-winning goal against the New England Revolution late in the game.

“My favorite memory was scoring against New England and jumping into the stands. It was cool to see how the fans reacted.” He added, “The Sons of Ben and other fans at PPL Park create a unique environment that gets the players through 90 minutes of action”


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