I Don’t Begrudge David Beckham One Penny

By Gary Troia
David Beckham, courtesy telegraph.co.uk

David Beckham has earned a veritable fortune from football, and I say good luck to him because he has truly earned it.  It is not by chance that he has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan – arguably the three biggest teams in Europe’s top three leagues.

He has won over 100 caps for England and helped to give the MLS a higher profile in world football by playing for LA Galaxy.  At the time of writing, he now seems set to join PSG, in France, for his last hoorah.

He has never chased money – money has followed him, because he did the right things: keeping himself fit, being professional, leading by example, and being an inspiration for children.

Unfortunately he has failed to inspire many English Premier League players with the same professional attitude.  Players who base their success on how much money they can earn from the game, but not by the level of football they are playing, not by what they have won, or which team they play for; just money.

Of course, there is a conveyor belt continually dropping revolting stories of players’ greed, crimes, and sexual offences at our feet on a daily basis; but one player has really piqued my sensibilities this week.

Peter Odemwingie, a West Bromwich Albion player, has taken to Twitter this week complaining that the club is deliberately thwarting his career after rejecting a transfer request from a Premier League rival.

Is evil West Brom trying to stop poor old Pete from joining a top four premiership club, or blocking a dream move to a European big-hitter? No, they have turned down a bid from Queens Park Rangers (currently bottom in the Premier League) because they believe the bid does not meet their valuation of the player.

Poor old Pete wants to leave a club in a healthy position to join an increasingly desperate QPR team for more money – a team that would happily sign a reincarnated Adolf Hitler, if they thought he could deliver a good cross into the box for Odemwingie to get his head on.

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