The Power Of David Beckham

By Andy Schmidt
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

There is a certain power to the name David Beckham. It seems like wherever Beckham goes, people follow and success is had. Beckham will move on to another new team this spring and if any of his previous three stops mean anything, it will mean a title. I have never really understood what the big thing about Beckham is and while the ladies love to look at him, he is probably not the same player he was a decade ago.

I’ll admit that soccer isn’t my thing: it is too boring for me, and I can’t handle sitting for two hours to see sometimes a single goal be scored. However, I know that millions and probably billions of people who hang on every kick and shot on goal. That is why Beckham is a superstar with his ability to bend the ball. There was even the movie “Bend It Like Beckham”. There are people who love that sort of thing and if you want to do that, more power to you.

I have learned over the years that anything Beckham is involved in becomes a thing to watch, whether it is a game or just an appearance on television or in person. Beckham is one of those worldwide superstars that caters to every country around the world. Everyone has seen soccer explode in popularity in the United States recently and I think a lot of that comes from Beckham. If Beckham never came to the U.S. to play soccer, I don’t think any of this would have happened. It is just the power of Beckham.

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