Danish press say Liverpool were the English team whose match was fixed

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Hours after Europol shocked the footballing world with staggering match fixing statistics, a Danish newspaper is reporting that they can confirm the fixture were an English team in the Champions League had a match “fixed”.

Ekstra Bladet (Denmark) has tonight said on their website;

“Ekstra Bladet can unveil the affected matches, both originating from Debrecen stay in the Champions League in 2009. Sources of Europol confirms that there is a Hungarian team involved in CL cases.”

Please keep in mind, this is unconfirmed, early reports from a Danish website. It is questionable how they would even know this, let alone being able to release the information before Europol (EU’s Law reinforces).

There has been definite shock and disappointment in the UK today, as it was released that English football had match fixing linked to it.

However, the Danish site now say they know that a group stage match between Liverpool vs Debrecen in 2009 (16th September) was the corrupt match. Liverpool won 1-0 at Anfield, thanks to a Dirk Kuyt goal.

The website is stating that Debrecen’s goalkeeper, Vukasin Poleksic was paid to concede more than 2.5 goals – however, I’m not quite sure how you can concede half a goal. However, Liverpool failed to score more than once, with Poleksic punching the ball straight to goalscorer Dirk Kuyt.

Ekstra Bladet also says that the 30-year old Montenegrin goalkeeper was involved again vs Fiorentina later in the group stage.

I personally cannot see any truth in this, and won’t until it’s confirmed from a credible source, such as Europol themselves. The Danish site seems to have feedback via comments that suggest the site is untrustworthy.

However, if it is true, at least the match fix would be a lot less detrimental to English football than first feared. But, again, I stress that one shouldn’t too much into this just yet.

By Stowe Gregory – @stowegregory