Champions League final ticket prices made more affordable

By Stowe Gregory
Champions League Final London
Mitchell Gunn – US Presswire

UEFA has lowered the ticket prices for this year’s Champions League final at Wembley, after the dispute surrounding high prices two years ago.

Wembley Stadium in London has been chosen as the host stadium for the second time since it was rebuilt in 2007, with 2011 hosting Barcelona‘s 3-1 win over Manchester United.

UEFA and Wembley Stadium told fans today the lowest price will be £68. Fans will be able to purchase their tickets via from Febuaray 11th to March 15th.

The price is a contrast to the cheapest 2011 ticket, which was £176. However, many will argue £68 is still quite a lot, considering most people will want to purchase two tickets each. The highest price, and best category is priced at £330.

The cost of a single match ticket in this case may seem quite high, but it is pleasing to see UEFA take action on their near unaffordable prices from 2011, and also reacting to the recent debate in England that ticket prices are far to high, following Manchester City fans being charged £62 for an away match at Arsenal.

However, only 13,000 of the 90,000 seater stadium will be in this low price category, raising the question again regarding UEFA and the view it has with the typical football fan.

More to the point, around 20,000 seats will not be sold to fans; with UEFA giving that vast amount to sponsors and the so called ‘Guests’.

Tickets come in four price categories – Category 1: £330, Category 2: £230, Category 3: £140, Category 4: £60. Youth Package tickets for one child accompanied by one adult are available at discount prices in Category 2: £120 (1 adult + 1 child ticket). –

Personally, £68 being the lowest price is very pleasing, as it is probably one of the greatest matches you can get a ticket to in World Football. The cost will still be felt in the payers pocket, but I think it is probably worth it. However, the bad news is the lack of tickets for this low cost category, with only 13,000 a vast amount will be left unhappy.

Wembley is an incredible stadium and it is no surprise that UEFA decided to return to England‘s national stadium in The FA’s 150th year. With the last 16 returning next week, the real Champions League excitement is finally here.

By Stowe Gregory – Follow @stowegregory

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