Everyone Needs to Calm Down: The United States Men’s National Team Is Going to Be Fine

By Phil Naegely
Photo Credit to mwillis.com

United States’ 2-1 loss to Honduras to kick off the final qualifying stage for the 2014 World Cup is a bad start. However, it was not the worst that could have happened, and the USMNT is not in bad shape.

To begin with, the game was played in 94-degree heat, and was an away match. Yes, it would have been nice to escape Honduras with a point or even three, but the US is not in horrible shape.

Jamaica made history by tying Mexico 0-0., while Costa Rica and Panama tied 2-2. So for the US, they will definitely need to play better than they did against Honduras. The game against Honduras showed team manager Jurgen Klinsmann what he needs to address for the next match.

At the same time, fans need to stop freaking out that because of the loss to Honduras, the team’s chances of making the World Cup are over. That is definitely not true.

The game was in the middle of the day and in Honduras – if the US lost a home game, that would cause more of a worry.

The final qualifying stage is just getting starting, and the US can learn from that last game and improve moving forward. They still have a decent and good shot of making the World Cup, and everyone who has been going crazy needs to calm down.

Everyone other than the US and Honduras have one point. It is very feasible for the US to get out of the cellar and to the top of the table. Klinsmann can help lead the team to victory, and we need to have faith.

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