Yohan Blake wants to see Cristiano Ronaldo in 100m

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jamaican 100m World champion and Olympic silver-medalist Yohan Blake, says he would like to see Cristiano Ronaldo give the 100m a try.

Blake, 23, who also won Gold in his nation’s 4x100m relay this summer and a 200m silver, said today that “It would be interesting to see Cristiano run the 100m.”

“Cristiano [Ronaldo] is a mainstay of Real Madrid. He’s pretty quick. It would be interesting to see how he runs in the 100 metres. I think he would be fast” he said, following the Portuguese forward’s stunning header against Manchester United last night.

Ronaldo would certainly be quick, whether or not he’d be impressive over the 100m is an unknown. The 28 year old, who finished runner up in FIFA‘s 2012 Player of the Year award, is known for his incredible power among an array of talents.

It may be a mere statement from the Jamaican, who is currently considered the 2nd best male sprinter in the World, but it would certainly be interesting.

Ronaldo last year sprinted around 100m from one end of the pitch to another in 10 seconds vs Atletico Madrid. During Ronaldo’s Manchester United days, he actually had help from Usain Bolt to aid his sprinting and speed, which Ronaldo has since described as a large help.

Blake, is set to attempt a retention of his 100m world title this year at the Athletics World Championships in Moscow, where he will have to fend off Usain Bolt who won gold in all three of his events this summer.

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