David Beckham's No. 32 Jersey Set to Hit $20 Million in Sales

By Phil Naegely
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

You can’t deny it that David Beckham is one of the more famous faces in soccer today. Even though his soccer career might end sooner than later, his influence has not dwindled much. Many teams were trying to sign him in the off-season, but Beckham decided to sign a five month contract with Paris St. Germain in Ligue 1.

He announced that he would donate all his salary to charity. Don’t worry, though; Beckham won’t be poor. His jersey sales, especially the “32 Jersey,” will keep him making money.

The “Beckham 32” jersey is sold for around $150 and the Daily Mail reports that 150,000 jerseys should be sold. The total amount of sales is also set to hit and exceed $20 million.

If that wasn’t a high enough number for you, the newspaper also estimates that $1.5 billion worth of Beckham jerseys have been sold in his career. In case you were wondering, that is a total of about 10 million Beckham replica jerseys.

That’s just crazy if you think about it. One player has had 10 million of just one his jerseys bought in his career. Beckham was No. 23 while in the MLS, so it is even crazier that his No. 32 jerseys have been sold 10 million times.

It means one thing: Beckham’s influence and popularity around the world is very high and don’t look for that to fall anytime soon. Even if his soccer playing days end this year, Beckham will probably find a coaching job somewhere and still remain popular.

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